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Articles - February 17, 2010
Entrepreneur closes door on criminals Read - February 9, 2010
Law enforcement-inspired iPhone and iPad apps. Read


Police Magazine - January, 2010
Stats at a glance with Command Central. PDF


BBC - - September 29, 2009
Gov 2.0 in Action with CrimeReports. Read


Yahoo! Tech - September 11, 2009
Online maps help cops find crime hotspots. Read


USA Today - September 10, 2009
Online mapping services help police spot trends in crime. Read


CivicUS Public Safety and Homeland Security Service Alert - August 24, 2009 offers the most comprehensive web-based crime mapping for a better price. PDF


Venture Capital Dispatch - August 19, 2009 Easing Government Transparency. Read


Wall Street Journal - June 3, 2009
New Programs Put Crime Stats on the Map. PDF


New York Times - March 7, 2009
Police Take the Fight Onto the Web. Read


Federal Times - March 16, 2009
Government's New CIO Vows More Online Transparency. Read


Federal Times - March 5, 2009
Clouds and Feeds. Read - June 9, 2009
Crime-tracking Web Sites Allow Oakland Residents to Support Police Efforts. Read - March 13, 2009
Police Departments Keeping Public Informed on Twitter. Read


Ottawa Citizen - June 29, 2009
Mapping Data Reveals Police Hotspots. Read


Boston Herald - June 18, 2009
Web Site Map Tracking Crime on Boston Streets. Read


Associated Press (AP) Story - February 5, 2008
New Site Puts Police Reports On the Map ( MSNBC, USA Today, CBS News)


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